Monday, April 21, 2008

Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle on African Daisy

This is a baby wood borer. I don't mind wasps, snakes, aphids, spiders, etc...but these guys are a pain in the arse. My garden has been swamped by these guys since last year when we bought a truckload of mulch from a less than reputable place on Hwy 50. This guys' eggs "hibernate" in the mulch and then when the high temps hit so do they. They don't have a strong bite, but they are gross, like a shiny flying roach. You'll hear a loud buzz and then they'll literally hit you wherever they land. They missed the landing part of their training apparently. Once they land on you, they'll hold on for dear life. The good news is that they are easy to kill once you are in a position to step on them as they tend to move slowly after they've been swatted. When I learn how to properly use the zoom in my camera I will post a better pic.
Otherwise, check the link and do "Control-F" and type Metallic to find it quicker.,GYWE:2007-36,GYWE:en%26sa%3DN
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