Thursday, July 2, 2009

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GreenJeans said...

Hey, is this a Queen Monarch? I saw one in my yard the other day for the first time ever. Do you have them regularly?

Gardening Fool said...

Oh cool, I thought it was just called Queen butterfly...but I guess the name "queen monarch" fits the bill even better.

Last year I saw only a few of these, but this year I have had tons. They are so neat looking, but way harder than monarchs to photograph. They are spastic flyiers. Drives me nuts.

GreenJeans said...

Ok, quick search results.. Queen Monarch aka Danaus gilippus.

Pics of butterflies & caterpillars:

Host plant: milkweed

I think I saw another one yesterday but it flew away too dang fast for me to get close to it. They aren't slow & graceful like regular Monarchs, are they?

Gardening Fool said...


Thanks so much GJ!!!!

(I knew I could count of you to bring up all the details!)

New site too!