Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 26

Today I took out almost all of the grass we had left in that little area between the sidewalk and the street...only our area is not so little. It took me almost six hours and I am still not done. I think three more hours tomorrow should do it.

I noticed that the oriental cucumber seeds I planted TWO days ago have begun to sprout!!!
With that encouragement I planted Florida Cranberry, aka Roselle Hibiscus. The flower can be used for tea & their calyces are the berries. Which, by the way, will be ready to harvest right by Thanksgiving time.

I got the seeds at, I ordered on a Saturday and -without paying anything extra- I had the seeds by Monday. Very quick & efficient. I also purchased from them Cherokee Bean (which is not actually an edible bean but a hummingbird favorite plant) & Spanish Flag plant as well.

I will post the progress and performance of the plants as the months go by.

**May 5, 2008- Update: all seeds are growing vigorously and so far they look as healthy and strong as can be. Will post update on how the Florida Cranberries taste as well as pictures.**

** Update** Onalee replied promptly when I emailed her about issues I had with my Florida Cranberry plants & is mailing me a second batch of seeds at no cost to me. Customer service is alive!

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