Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bolivian Sunflower

This massive shrub is a Bolivian Sunflower. It is a perennial and it usually flowers in the fall, when most other flowers are on the way out. Easy to propagate & pollinators love it.

Not the best plant if you have a small garden, but if you want to get some shade or privacy-and you have enough room- this is a great choice. Word of caution: it can become messy as the old leaves don't automatically fall, instead they just hang on to the trunks like a dirty ol' sock. So every now and then it is good to invest a few minutes plucking 'em socks off.

Lastly, it can get a bit thirsty in the summer, but if you water deeply (meaning for a longer time than most of us normally water anything-so that the roots go down looking for the stored water rather than stay near the surface) you should not have any problems.
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