Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Milkweed Seedlings

I recently found out why Milkweed plants are more pricey than most plants around here. Turns out that it takes a plant about three years to flower for the first time!
I also realized that the positive side of being a lazy weeder is that my back garden is now full of free seedlings. In a couple of years I will have about 30 full sized plants for zero additional money.
Not too shabby for a $5 initial investment.
Heads up: If you get seedlings in your garden, you may want to leave them where they are or transplant them directly to another area of your garden directly in the ground. I tried keeping some of my seedlings "safely" in pots but, while the ones I left in the garden soil are thriving, the ones in the pots have not grown at all.
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