Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planting Fool's list for today

Today I planted a bunch of ornamental cuttings in pots.

From the seed list below I will do periodical updates...

From Burpee seeds I planted:
Sunflower Yellow Disk
Dill Mammoth

From seeds I got from I planted:
Carrot -Mini Sweet
Carrot- Sunrise Red
Edible Amaranth -Green Round Leaf
Edible Amaranth - Red Stripe Leaf
Edible Amaranth - Asia Red
Oriental Basil - Thai Lemon Basil
Oriental Squash -Papaya Sweet
Oriental Eggplant - Hybrid Black Baby
Oriental Eggplant- Hybrid Apsara
Oriental Melon- Hybrid Korean Star
Oriental Melon- Hybrid Sunrise
Oriental Cucumber- Tokiwa
Komatsuna- Hybrid Kojisan Yardlong Asparagus Bean - Stickless Wonder

I think I will have to get rid of some of the grass in my immediate neighbors' yards. Do you think they will miss it?

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