Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ginger Experiment

The literature on how to start ginger plants from a store-bought ginger piece recommends getting a piece of ginger with "lots of eyes."

I missed my ginger anatomy class but somehow managed to navigate through life blissfully unaware of ginger secretly staring at me, and ignorant to the fact that -perhaps I was eating a ginger's leg when a recipe called for an arm or I decided to post these shots.

See the green thingies protruding on the bottom right? Those are the eyes!
Below there is another photo where the eye is a bit more prominent (that one below would be a Unicorn Ginger...I guess).

These things take for ever to root, so my recommendation, if you are as impatient as I am, is to put them in a pot, half buried in nice soil & place the pots outside in a nice shady area (ginger does not like sun) water enough to keep the soil moist but don't check on them all the time or you'll go insane.

I placed my ginger rhizomes behind a plant so that each time I watered the garden I'd also water the ginger without seeing the pots and them being a constant reminder of how slowly they grow.
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