Saturday, July 26, 2008

If You Think You Have a Brown Thumb... might not be your fault!

These plants are in what I call 'the bonus garden' (strip between your sidewalk and the street).

I planted some Florida Cranberry from seeds during the first week of May. Same slightly amended soil (Fl Cranberries are not particular about soil as long as it has good drainage), same light conditions, same everything.

The plant in the foreground (right behind my tiny fig tree), that massive bunch of screaming green goodness....see it? Well, that is the same plant as the squiggly gasping-for-air-pucky-green thing on the forefront of this frame.

I am posting this picture just as means of illustration that we all have good and bad experiences in the garden, and if one or more of your plants have died does not mean that it is your fault or that you should give up.

The folks at Onalee seeds graciously sent me more seeds free of charge as 75% of my seeds resulted in the same skeletal plants.

Things beyond our control will always happen.
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