Monday, July 28, 2008

Seedlings & fruit tasting update

The Korean Melon Hybrid Sunrise (seeds planted on April 23) tasted DELICIOUS! The sweetest we've ever tasted. The fruits are the size of a large grapefruit, not like the large-sized ones they normally sell at the store.

Many of the Goji Berries continue to grow in their new pots, some of them did not survive my not-so subtle transplanting technique.

Some of the Annona Squamosa (Sugar Apple) seeds I planted on June 22 started sprouting! This was a huge surprise because their label read to expect a germination time of up to six months. So great news! If you buy Sugar Apple seeds be sure to keep them indoors for germination as they prefer temps in the low 70s to produce a plant.

Our cherry tomatoes continue to produce heavily. Of all the tomatoes we planted (heirloom, determinate, indeterminate, grape, yellow, etc.) these are the best producers during our hot summers.

Pepino Dulce--their name literally translates to "sweet cucumber" although their taste does not remind me of a cucumber that much...I'd say a cross of a melon (70%) and a mix of pear & cucumber (30%). Of all the pepino dulce seeds I planted about a month ago only half germinated. So, in all, we have about 4 seedlings that I am babying like you won't believe. Their fruit is one of the prettiest fruits I have ever seen (the equivalent of the paint-worthy eggplant in the veggie world) although the photos on the web don't really do it justice.

One last note: be careful of what blog communities you include your blogs in. In my case, I signed up for Blotanical, which while being a terrific site was not what I wanted. When I wanted to take my blog off the site and sent Stuart (owner/moderator) an email asking him to do so he replied with belligerent words and said that my blog would be taken down immediately. This was a week ago & my blog is still in his site. I sent him another email five days after the first one (to allow him plenty of time) and he still hasn't replied.
By contrast, the folks at digindirt where my blog was showcased unknown to me (someone else submitted it without asking me first), were quick in their reply and apologized profusely for any inconvenience, particularly because-somehow-my full name was included there, which, I did not care for.
If you are going to sign up for a blog community I'd recommend digindirt as they have a great site & superb customer service. Skip Blotanical.

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