Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Week in the Garden

This list will likely be boring for you, but if I don't post it I might not hold myself accountable to it.

Radicchio seeds
Longan tree
Jaboticaba tree

Alpine Strawberries (indoors for now)
Edible flowers (indoors until weather allows for transition)
Sunflowers (along walkway into the house)
Heirloom Tomato seeds
Two yardlong bean seeds (yes, two seeds will feed us for a month!)
Second wave of peppers
Test Angel flower seeds I collected
Check seeds closet to see what else needs to be planted soon

Plant seedlings
Amaranth (3 different varieties)

Orange Jessamine (in lieu of avocado seedling?)

Find permanent homes for
Cherokee Bean plants

Bunch Grapes
Muscadine Grapes
White Moon Flower

Clean up front garden & side garden & compost old annuals
Weed! (UGH!)
Trim Bolivian Sunflower (if anybody wants cuttings you are welcome to them)
Clean back garden & plant stuff in pots in shade garden


Make trellis for Chayote vines
Research nice shade cloths to replace the messy-looking bamboo shade garden 'roof'
Email the company/ies I bought the Bolivian Fuchsia, Moringa tree & Indian jujube seeds because NONE of them germinated! (oh wait, no, out of six jujube seeds I received one did germinate)

Draw & share final garden vision with hubby (♥♥♥)...gotta break the news that I really, really, really want a structure for climbers (chayote, butterfly flowers & Scarlet runner beans) right over our driveway. That will be a huge undertaking if we agree to it...but well worth the effort as it will keep our cars cool & will feed us and the wildlife. I think I sound convincing :-)

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