Monday, July 21, 2008

True Food

The more I read and research on this topic the more convinced I am that buying organic whenever possible is no longer a luxury but an investment in our future health. I much rather spend the extra buck on buying the stuff we don't grow at home than having to pay for meds a few years down the line.

Too many independent studies show that the use of hormones, pesticides, additives, genetically engineered food, etc. are indeed making us sick. Yes, nowadays we do live longer, but more is not better if -genes aside- we can't walk around due to early onset arthritis or we are literally plugged to something to help us stay afloat.

As for me, I can kiss goodbye that yummy and genetically engineered peanut butter pre-run-bike-swim PowerBar. Ugh!

Check out the link below...and learn more...


If you are looking to eat more locally grown foods and learn more about availability in your area, here is a great resource...just plug in your zip-code and you'll be able to check the best places to buy local & fresh stuff.

The average food item travels 1550-2480 miles in the U.S.

–The WorldWatch Institute, "Home Grown," 2002

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