Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zebra Longwing Day!

Zebra Longwing-Heliconius charithonia
Florida's official butterfly since 1996.

A few days ago I posted on the rather aggressive mating habits of the monarch butterfly (you know, sometimes going after other species...). Well, this little guys are not too far behind in their mating customs, the males will sometimes mate with a female's crysalis! Yup, the crysalis! No dinner, no movie, no nutin'...
The info below was taken from this neat butterfly site, worth checking if you are into these fascinating creatures.
"The zebra longwing butterfly caterpillars eat the leaves of passion flowers. The passion flower contains a toxin that gives the zebra longwing an unpleasant taste and makes it poisonous to predators. The butterfly drinks the nectar of a wide range of flowers."
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