Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bolivian Sunflower

This is the gigantic shrub where a six feet black racer snake was relaxing on a few days ago as I was pruning it (scroll down for the horrifying pics)...up until today I thought I'd move it to the back garden to have its flowers popping over the blue fence...I thought it would look nice like that.

Plus, I have a tendency to plant everything too close together so transplanting this little monster would allow more room for the lion's ears and the pride of barbados (caesalpina pulcherrima...sp? too lazy to look it up) to stretch their legs.

But...and there's always a but...during the last couple of days I have seen eight different kinds of birds resting and feeding in that spot (even woodpeckers!), so now I am torn and I think I will just leave it there for the critters...
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