Saturday, August 30, 2008

A way to ditch the car

I found this interesting info while browsing through Money & Values today.

A bit long but worth reading.

"Get free cab fare home in these 50+ cities/counties with Guaranteed Ride Home programs
If you commute to work any way other than driving solo-- if you take mass transit, bike, walk, or carpool-- then you should investigate if your local transit agency or your employer offers a Guaranteed Ride Home program that'll pay for taxi rides home if your usual arrangements fall through. And if you are a solo driver who's thinking about switching over but afraid of what'll happen in emergencies, well, you should read on too!

Guaranteed Ride Home (or Emergency Ride Home) programs are designed to get commuters off the road and onto public transit or another method of transportation, by helping assuage fears about how to get home in emergency circumstances. They are often sponsored by counties, cities, or transit agencies, but may also be sponsored by individual employers. If you enroll in such a program, then the sponsor will cover the costs of you getting home if unexpected circumstances interfere with your regular plans.

Each program has its own rules, but typically "emergencies" are defined as unpredictable events like illness/injury of yourself or a family member, unscheduled overtime (verified by your employer), an emergency at your home (like a flood/break-in/fire/etc), or the early departure of your carpool driver.

Covered events for bikers and walkers may also include severe weather.If you register for the program, you'll qualify for a set number of trips home per year (often two to six.)

(Below are the links to the FL There are also many employer-sponsored Guaranteed Ride Home programs, so you can check to see if your employer sponsors one (or advocate for it if they don't!)

FL participating cities: Broward County Miami Dade CountyPalm Beach CountyVolusia
CountyTampa Bay area."

For a list of participating cities in your area please click on the list at the top of this page.

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