Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fire Spike & Cat Whiskars

In all of their morning glory...I am off to plant, weed, transplant, blah blah blah.
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GreenJeans said...

These 2 look really cool together! My cat whiskers was blown out of the saturated ground by TS Fay so it's now in a pot to see if it can recover. I took a bunch of cuttings and hopefully they'll root as well. Hope you don't mind if I'm a copycat and put some with the firespikes! :-)
(PS. Can you believe IE just shut down on me AGAIN! I thought I fixed it!)

Gardening Fool said...

Knock yourself out! REALLY. I hate copycats! So, since I can't knock you over da head I'd suggest you KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!


Okay, seriously now, I don't think the butterflies and hummers will mind if you do the same, so why would I? Those two plants look nifty together, don't they?

Let me know if your cuttings don't make it and I can send you cuttings from my Cat's Whiskars.

Ever since you told me about your computer shutting down mine has been freezing over and over again. So thank you. UGH!

Will reply to your mail tomorrow (darn stalkers)...Whaaaa? Did I say that out loud?