Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just as I was getting ready for a week of weed pulling and painting (both walls & canvas) my cat, Moco, decided to have a bipolar attack as I picked her up. She clawed the you-know-what out of my right hand...and now my hand, particularly my thumb, are ridiculously large and infected and out of order. It has taken me five times as long just to type this (I normally use all my fingers to type) I probably will be out of commission for a few days...again.

It really would be dumb of me to go out and start working the soil, as usual, without gloves. So I just gotta be patient and wait until I have healed. Oh yeah, it also hurts like the dickens!

As for Moco, I did take away her favorite pillow out of spite & she has lost snacks & cell phone privileges for the entire week.


GreenJeans said...

Oh no!!! Get well soon my gardening friend! And don't even go out there with gloves, remember how hot your (and my) hands get with those things? That won't be good for the infection either. Just take a break and read a good book or two.

And banish Moco to her room. :-)

Gardening Fool said...

Thank you! Moco is going through the deportation process. I told her immigration will be here tomorrow morning and she is looking for her paperwork. I told her I could not help because my hand has been shredded by a dumb psycho cat. She rolled her eyes.

GreenJeans said...

LOL!!!! Poor Moco... she was such a good cat, I'm sorry to see her go.