Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Florida Cranberry seed pod

And this is what I call the third stage: Calyx & edible pod. I took a calyx or two off the pod (the green ball-looking thing in the center) to show the difference between stage one & two. In stage one (prior to the flower opening) the bud does not have the seed pod inside yet.

I found out that in some countries they actually dry the pod/seeds & make tea or add it to soups. The leaves are also edible in salads or cooked, and so are the flowers which taste mildly citrusy. A very useful, ornamentally striking, drought tolerant and almost zero maintenance shrub! I will post the taste results when I make jam/chutney in a few weeks.

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mary said...

How interesting! I had never heard of this plant/fruit. I can't wait to hear how your chutney turns out. I love low maintenance, ornamental edibles. :)

Anonymous said...

I grow them over her ein Australia they are called Rosellas or Queensland jam fruit.
I love them and make Jam, Topping and also drying the red outer parts to use as a hebal tes. It is good for blood pressure as well.

Gardening Fool said...

Mary, thanks! I can save you some seeds from this year's harvest if you'd like & will definitely post what recipe worked best.

Subtropical Happiness, thanks so much for visiting and for the comment. If you get a chance would you send me the jam recipe?

True, I also read about the blood pressure lowering capabilities of this plant, thanks for the reminder!...good stuff, I will share sepals with my mum in law who takes blood pressure meds...