Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Street Island"

Or at least that's what I call the little (formerly) grassy strip between our property and the street. I chose to plant for the most part very low maintenance, wildlife-friendly plants...and just a few edibles...I have my fig, the Florida Cranberry, and a couple of loquats. Things that, all in all, if the municipality had to come and rip off to do work I'd not cry too much...well, I would, but it would not be the same as them destroying, say, our mango tree.

In the pic, my new daily garden companion, Frida Kahlo jumping right over where the neighbors' property begins (you can see grass there) and ours ends, where the purple and yellow lantana grows. I just took a good look at Frida in this pic and she looks like one of those stuffed halloween cats ☺Posted by Picasa


Wicked Gardener said...

I love the kitty's name!! She's so cute.

Gardening Fool said...

Thank you! She truly is adorable and super good-natured. Hope she sticks around.