Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weeding Week

Yeah...that's right, when I was a bit sick the weeds got so out of control now I have to dedicate an entire week to weeding.

Weeds are so high in the West part of the garden that yesterday I was able to sit on my bench under the cover of true Florida natives ☺ to make sure that the unruly neighborhood kids (trust me, I am not a kid person, but this is a totally objective assessment) did not destroy our seedlings and flower beds with their assorted round ammunition arsenal (others call them soccer or baseballs)...I can't believe I have become the mean ol' lady of the hood!

There are just a couple of nice kids who are polite and wave hello to hubby and I. One has actually gotten the gardening bug and I always share seeds, seedlings and fruits with him (see? I am not that rotten). I am all for having kids play outside rather than be stuck to some electronic device all day...but why are there no parents to supervise and give them guidance on how to respect other people's property?

I best quit my b**ching and go out there attack those weeds before hubby threatens with weed killer action! ☺ Plus, yeah, I got work to do, too. yikes. Have a weed-free day ya'll or is it y'all? I always forget. ☺


Okay. So it is nice and cool and I am sleepy. Is that a good excuse for what I am about to confess?

I just put a pot of coffee to brew & turned the oven on...for...cinnamon rolls!

I am such a fatty. I was sharing with hubby the story of how I was a very sick weak skinny child and that I had rickets (I believe that is what is called in is when you are super skinny and your body does not assimilate nutrients **sad violin music here ♫**)...anyway, hubby is driving and just one corner-of-the-eye look at him told me he was thinking, thinking HARD about how to say what he was about to say in his oh so infinite wisdom. So he goes:

*Yeah, giving it its own separate paragraph because even though grammatically inaccurate his words deserve it*

"From Rickets to Panama City Ironman & How to Survive on Six Thousand Calories a Day--A Memoir." "Would make for a great book title of your life, don't you think?"

The Panama City Ironman reference comes from my triathlete days when I was lucky enough to complete that sucker. The six thousand calories a day reference comes from my love, love, love of food. I do love to cook and to eat, but not just anything, it has to be right and at the right time. Fatty and picky, yes! Oven is beeping! Angels rejoice! Cinnamon rolls are ready to selflessly sacrifice self for humanity!

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