Saturday, November 22, 2008


Frida Kahlo on her new outdoor cushy pillow...we share humongous feet, a love for the outdoors and strong dislike for uninvited guests.

A few days ago, CDL (Crazy Dog is sweet but the problem is the "lady" part, she is a bit intrusive) ...anyway, the other day CDL bee-lined into our property and, knowing it was too late for me to run inside the house, instinctively I yelled:

-"Watch out! Frida hates dogs!"

Meanwhile Frida was just sitting there looking dopey...

CDL (detecting Frida's could-not-care-less attitude)-"Looks like she is okay with us visiting..."

I lied- "You know, it is the weirdest thing, once the concrete changes color (our driveway is painted) somehow she knows that it is her home and she hates people & other animals coming in."

CDL-"Hummmm, she really seems fine"

Lied again- "Last time she hurt a dog she seemed fine too...listen, I just want to be sure your dog is safe."

I am a terrible, horrible human being!

Anyway, Frida Kahlo saved the day and she deserves that soft blanket/pillow.

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