Monday, December 1, 2008


We had friends & family over for Thanksgiving amazed me how many people were puzzled by our large & mostly empty frame hanging in the living room. It only houses a small card my friend Aisling gave me in its lower corner.

All sorts of questions were asked about it, "What project are you working on?" "Where is that going?" "When will we hang the picture to go with it?" "Why is it empty?" "Why is the card off-center?"

I got the frame for a few bucks because I thought it was absolutely beautiful, with its understated colors and me the thing is beautiful as is...anyway, if you are ever inviting a large group of friends to your house, try it, hang an empty frame and watch the conversation they drive home they'll probably discuss the strong possibility of Baker-acting you, but at least you'll have your fun.
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GreenJeans said...

I absolutely love this frame! I wouldn't alter it in any way either. Looks like something I'd have hanging in my house.

And I love the suggestion about hanging an empty frame to see the reactions. If Christmas is going to be at my house... I'm going to try it. :-)

Gardening Fool said...

I tell ya, it drives people insane.

When I hang it I did not mean for it to become a social psychology experiment but it turns out it did turn quite psychological...or psychotic, whichever you prefer ☺

Oh, and if you have a Joanne's near you, that's where I got that frame...they usually have a back hidden corner where their made to order frames are for sale (I think due to some dummy mismeasuring the thing) super cheapo...take a looky when you go there.

Gardening Fool said...

Note to Darla- Just a heads up when your comments come in they come into my email with all sorts of warnings and red alerts, when I try to post them from my blog they sometimes post and sometimes just disappear, sorry about that...not sure how to fix it...I think I got a bug from a guy's comment (that actually looked like spam) and I am researching how to fix it...

GreenJeans said...

Thanks for the tip about JoAnn's! We have one but I rarely make it up there. I'll look for the "reject" frames when I go. :-)

Gardening Fool said...

Whatever. See if I care.