Monday, December 15, 2008


These were picked yesterday from our new tiny miny lil' kumquat tree. The quality of the fruit this year is not great (not too juicy), I believe due to my planting it in the ground while it was already fruiting. The idea is that, generally speaking, if a tree is fruiting its fruit should be cut off so the tree's energy can go into making a strong rooting system.

I could not bring myself to do it this time...and now I am regretting it.

Anyway, no sense crying over spilled kumquats. The fruit will go into making kumquat & roselle jam. We'll see how that goes. If it comes out tasty I will post results & some resemblance of a recipe. I much rather make my own recipes than follow someone else's -more fun- the problem is I don't ever measure, instead, I go by color, smell & consistency...hence the resemblance of a recipe clarification.

Wish me luck!

Also harvested today: some Yukon gold potatoes (which, contrary to what the literature says, I found-by experimenting-can be grown any time of the year here in Central Florida), jicama, jalapeños & poblano peppers. yum.
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