Monday, December 1, 2008

Now Growing--Okinawa Spinach

Some pics of the new edibles we have growing in our greenhouse, aka dining room table.

The following four pics are of perennial veggies I got in the form of cuttings through Dan from the Edible Plant Project.

Very excited to taste them for the first time in a few months.

Below is some info I found at the Echo site:

"Okinawa spinach forms a dense, non-vining, edible ground cover that grows well in full sun or partial shade. Grown commercially in China, the plant is a vigorous, perennial vegetable that is adaptable to a variety of tropical climates and requires little if any additional input. Okinawa spinach has attractive pointed leaves that are green on the top side and purple underneath. Young leaves and shoots can be eaten raw or cooked; at ECHO we use them as a colorful and nutritious addition to our salads. "

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