Monday, December 22, 2008

Nursery buys

I got some Christmas, of course, I followed the greens in the way many women would follow a "Fendi-End Of Year Sale" sign.

I got a Calamondine orange. Which is not a true orange...looks more like a kumquat and tastes more like a lime, which is a good thing because I am addicted to limes and lemons & I hear calamondine oranges are prolific growers--more on that later this week.

Oh no. I just remembered we have almost zero planting space left (cry grass cry!)...You know how the current trend is in new bathrooms, adding a sun room, etc.? Well, I think we might start the opposite trend. As in getting rid of a bathroom to have more planting space. Eco-home-shrinkage, if you will. I wonder if anyone has ever seriously done this.

Anyway, I also bought the purple-flowered plant pictured above and below. It came with no tag. Its growth habit and leaves remind me of a Vinca. While its flowers remind me of a pea flower.

But to the nursery clerk it reminded her of nothing.

-"We don't have the name," she said, and quickly added, "The only person who can name it is gone for the week. But it sure is pretty...would you like to buy it then?"

Like an eediot I ended up buying it for the sole reason that it was pretty...well, that and the fact that they gave me a considerable discount. Not sure why. I did not ask for employees give discounts on the basis of not being able to do their jobs?

Anyhow, I searched and searched and the closest thing I can come up with is that it might be some kind of polygala...but the photos I found on-line and in my books don't look exactly like this plant. If you happen to know, would you throw me a bone?

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GreenJeans said...

I think you're right... Google Polygala myrtifolia and see what you think. Or see this link: (note the height!)

Pretty flower!

PS. "Your blog rules." lol

Gardening Fool said...

Aha! I see you still love being right all the time GJ!

Hehe...thanks for the link...I had been there before but somehow their photos did not remind me of clue what I was smoking! They are exactly the same!

NO. YOUR blog rules.

You are stoopid. Stoopid. Stoopid!

Hope 2009 brings you properly firing neurons... :P

GreenJeans said...

No silly 'Fool' you were the one who was right! You just didn't know it. :)

My poor blog is neglected. As are my email responses to you. I'll get to those soon...

Properly firing neurons, yes, I need more of those. Have a happy, safe New Year!! :-)

Gardening Fool said...

So what is the point on being right if one does not know it??? Thank you for bringing the light into my life, you little grasshopper, you.

No worries about the emails! They are kinda boring anyway :P

GreenJeans said...

Boring??? You??? NEVER!

Hope you're having a good weekend! :)

Gardening Fool said...

Ooooh...the wonders of the language!

I meant that YOUR emails were boring.

Clear 'nuff for ya Charlie?