Monday, December 15, 2008

Yacon seeds in the making

Most places I read about yacon said that people have a hard time saving its seeds (the most common way of growing it is via tubers). Perhaps in colder climates the chill zaps the flower before it is done doing its thing?

Dunno for sure.

All I know is that this puppy seems to be growing like crazy and that I won't harvest it until the flower is dry enough for me to collect the seeds. Will keep you posted on how that goes.
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Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are viable, and, second problem, they can be hard to germinate, do you have one variety of yacon?

Gardening Fool said...

Yes, I have only one variety.

Well, I figured I don't have that much to lose if the seeds don't germinate, may be a little time and seed medium...

Also, the reason I am trying something different than the things I've read in other places is that there was no Yacon growing info for folks in milder/hotter climates.

Do you grow Yacon yourself? Are you in Florida or in a colder climate?

Anonymous said...

No, I forgot to place my name, I'm in Belgium... Aha :-) There's some info on growing yacon in Australia and Japan (but there's a bit of a language problem), and some Brazilian sites have some topics about it, but again, Portuguese...

Gardening Fool said...

I thought it might be you Frank ☺

Ha! I can understand portuguese...but I am too lazy to look those sites up. I am content experimenting with plants...if all is served to me on a gold tray then it takes some of the fun & discovery sense away.

A little knowledge before hand is great...but sometimes I like the uncertainty of things...hope that makes sense :-)