Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Hyacinths

Photo taken just ten days ago (and about three days after initial planting). These guys are getting ready to make a statement.

Good thing I will have some pretty green and flowers to see inside the house because I am still in shock about what the outside looks like after that three-night hard freeze we got. A couple of days ago it was over 80 degrees (that would be about 30 some degree celcius, I believe)...and tomorrow another freeze is coming in.
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Darla said...

Yikes! Too much cold there for sure. What type of Hyacinths are they, common, grape or that new one I just read about, black! My common one are blooming outside and the smell sooo good!!

Gardening Fool said...

Hi Darla,

They are "On Salum Hyacinth Cheapus." And they came with no tagums. No ideum.