Friday, January 30, 2009

Budget-Helping Fridge & Java that goes the extra mile

So what's a girl to do with an ugly white fridge (hubby does not want it painted) while waiting for it to die, die, die? (ours is the roach of seems that it will live for ever). Put it to work, of course. When I used to find food gone bad somewhere hidden in the back I feel like crying--calculations of how many work-hours were disrespected quickly came to mind. Now instead of being a cry-baby I use the ugly fridge as a board where I always write bold reminders of what's about to go kaput. Works like a charm...since I started doing this: no food wasted. Love it.

Now to the Java. I love coffee. Hubby loves coffee. But too often we brew too much. Summers are not a problem, coffee is then made into frozen ice cubes and thrown into our banana, peanut butter, protein powder, frozen yogurt smoothies. But even then there was some wasted coffee. Broke my heart.

That was then. Now we brew coffee and we pretty much turn the pot off as soon as we are done with our first cup. Coffee stays warm for toppers for a while. Anything left over we put in a jar in the fridge...can you believe that even coffee snobs could not tell the difference between just brewed java and the stuff from our jar nuked in the microwave? Thus far we cut our coffee buying by almost half (while we are drinking the same). Life is good. We used to drink Starbucks, still do on occasion, but right now we use Melita and it tastes just as lovely (ca-ching tastes phenomenal, I tell ya).

Oh yeah, we do the same with tea. Sort of. We buy the best broad leaf tea we can afford (usually green or white tea). We brew it in our Bodum tea pot. Same thing: have some, put the rest in the fridge. Nuke in mic, and voila instant healthy tea (because this is not the garbage powdery stuff sold in bags) in seconds. Turns out that the more expensive leaf tea ends up being the yummiest, healthiest and cheapest when used well. And by used well I mean: used many, many, many times. We use, dry, and use again our leaves several times before throwing them in the compost pile. Some tea connoisseurs argue that tea even tastes better after being brewed a few times (or so says Alton Brown)...I tried it, and truly, when a good tea is used, the fifth brew tastes just as great as the first.
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