Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loquat tree new growth

One of the few fruiting trees I can actually look up to. Most of them are about chest high or lower at the moment. Ah, the patience of a gardener!

By the looks of it, the two loquats I got at Lowes are late fruiting (you know how that goes, it is virtually impossible to get any additional info about your plant is with most big box places). No problem, I will ask permission from all of my neighbors to raid their early fruiting varieties, which, by the way, went entirely to waste last year. Nobody I know seems to like these delicious fruits!

I, however, still remember my first encounter with it. A school mate had me over to her house so that I could help her with gymnastics routines & technique. We went to her yard to practice hoping the grass would soften the falls. Well, all I know is that I was never invited or welcomed in that home after I completely emptied their 'nispero' shrub (that's the Spanish name for it).
From my asking "What is that fruit?" to tasting it and then leaving the garden is all a big-insanely YUMMY-blur.

It all happened so fast :)

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