Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Jack & Rhonda tree

Okay, so its real name is Jacaranda...this was the first tree we planted in our front garden. That was about 13 months ago, I think. At planting time it was about 5 feet tall. Now it stands at about 15 feet, if not more.

Its growth rate is fast, fast, fast. It is semi-deciduous & drought tolerant. I read a while back that one should train these trees to have a strong main trunk and resist the temptation of letting it branch out too low. Following these directions makes for a stronger tree, which is a good idea living in Florida.

I grew up in Buenos Aires where the streets are lined with these beauties. The effect a bunch of these trees together has is a bit like the cherry blossom trees up north...fairy-taley...

I think next Spring it should flower for the first time. I has showy clusters of lilac/purple flowers that are just breath-taking.

Yesterday, I was sitting in our little garden bench and realized for the first time--I am sitting in a spot shaded by a tree we planted. That's pretty darn awesome.

So I'll toast to the tree tonight.

Several times.

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