Monday, January 12, 2009

Photos update

Hi there,

I just found out that I ran out of photo storage space in Picasa...odd, because the photos are stored there at the moment...AND when I initially added January's blogs the photos where wasn't until many of you commented or emailed me to let me know that the photos were not showing that I realized they had been magically taken off by, who knows, Google? Picasa? Anyway, Google & Picasa work together and they want some money from me. Not gonna happen. Frugality is one of my goals going forward.

My only alternative is to clean up my Picasa album to make some room for more pics.

I will do that tomorrow...meanwhile, thanks for your patience & for letting me know I had posted ghost photos!


GreenJeans said...

So it ISN'T just me!! Whew, I feel better. HaHa, you can't ban me. LOL

Seriously though, isn't it crappy that they want money for that? I started out with a free flickr account and ended up getting the $24/yr acct.

Gardening Fool said... are STILL here?

Didn't I just break up with you???

Well, it is crappy for me, but it makes business sense for them. Really, I can't blame them. But I don't have to like it, right :-)