Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ehwiger kohl or eeuwig moes & no name plant

The Ehwiger kohl I got from Frank, my new gardening friend from Belgium (thanks again Frank!), it is a perennial nice tasting cabbage. For more info please visit his new website Although his site is new you can tell how much he knows & he loves helping too.

The no name plant cuttings are from a tall plant that has a main stem and a few lateral ones and the showiest purple flowers I have seen in a long time. They resemble orchids. The man I got them from had a strong accent (yeah, stronger than mine! :) and all I could make out was Brazilian something...we did not have pen or paper for him to write it down shall remain a mystery until I have the patience to look it up by appearance in my books & online.

All these will spend a few weeks under clear plastic baggies in indirect sunlight. Fingers crossed.
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