Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The impostor bulbs

So the hyacinths I bought were actually Narcissus. Ugh. I so wanted hyacinths. But for the price I will stop complaining.

And speaking of pink helicopters, you know when in the movies there is that scene at the ER where the doctors keep giving CPR to the obviously dead patient and other doctors say "Stop! She is gone!" but the other doctor keep chest pumping and the like? That's exactly how I feel when I water the garden these days...our garden has one foot on the grave but we won't fully know the extent of the freezes damage until a few more weeks go by...well, some stuff I can really tell is dead, dead, dead. But I water it anyway...just like those crazy ER doctors would advice me to.

The problem with Florida freezes is that, although most years they have spared the citrus industry (thank goodness), they completely decimate home gardens (and many nurseries livelihoods) but not much is seen in the news...it is almost an "oh-well" moment for the non-gardening world. Like hitting your little toe real bad and being in pain for weeks without your toe actually turning any shade of blue. I really could use the sympathy sometimes, you know? Pathetic, I know...but oh so true.

In other news, there is a foraging group Deane Green and I are working on putting together for the near future. He knows a great deal about native plants and is nice enough to share his knowledge with those of us willing to listen. The details are still being ironed out so if you live anywhere near Orlando stay tunned for more info to come soon.
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