Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Navajo Blackberry!

Yes! Yes! Yes! The blackberry canes I got as bare root babes are popping up! All, except the Thornless Apache...hope it is not a bad one. Will post drooly reviews when I get to taste them.
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Anonymous said...

I am in central Fla. near Brooksville, and am colder than my neighbors due to topography. Did you ever get anywhere with the Apaches? I have good supply of these (and) quachitas in NC that I want to plant here in Fla

Gardening Fool said...

Hi, yes, the Apaches are kicking butt right now...happy times...but, I don't expect to get many berries this year because they were just planted, but excited nonetheless.

Never heard of "quanchitas" (sounds like my grandma's nickname) are they any good?

Are you permanently transplanting your NC garden to FL or is this a partial thing? How neat it would be to be able to grow a garden in both states! The best of both worlds! ***Jealous***