Monday, March 16, 2009


This plant, some say, is originally from the place where I was born, Chile. Some folks say it is from Peru. I guess that is the same battle we will always have with Pisco Sour, one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks you could ever have. Chileans say it originated in Chile and Peruvians do the same. Either way, if you are feeling adventurous (it has raw egg whites) give it a try. Recipes for it about on-line and it is worth the investment of buying a bottle of Pisco.

All roads lead to Rome and all flowers lead me to a drink, or so it appears.

At any rate, it is a showy plant with nice sized flowers...and best of all it takes both heat and cold in stride.

*IMPORTANT* Alstromeria is very poisonous to cats. Not sure about dogs, but cats for if you cut flowers and bring them indoors place them where your pets cannot reach them.

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Darla said...

There is always dispute over something beautiful and or tasty. Very pretty flower.

Gardening Fool said...

Agreed...but Peruvians are wrong ☺