Monday, March 16, 2009

Dwarf Geraldi Mulberry Tree

*Salivating* This is THE perfect tree if you have a small garden and you are impatient like me. This tree's fruit literally storms out of its trunk...I planted this as a dormant stick-looking thing and less than a month later it is covered in these little promising blooms! If you are considering starting a small orchard or growing just one fruit tree give this one serious consideration. It grows to a manageable size and you can prune as you'd like.

If squirrels are a problem in your area, also consider this tree, I read that because they eat the fruit when it is in its red stage (still immature and not sweet at all) they usually don't touch it again. Nice.

Lastly, of all the fruiting trees I have planted in the last few years this one seems to be instant gratification, none of that waiting for it to be seven years old before you can taste the bounty. No siree.

I got mine from Whitman Farms. Folks there are knowledgeable, kind and super helpful. Their plants arrive in no time, healthy & perfectly packed and if you have questions they are always able to to help you.

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