Monday, March 9, 2009

Shangri-La Mulberry

Aaaaaaaaaah! This baby, which I got in bare root form from Whitman Farms (if you are considering buying plants or trees I highly, no, make that HIGHLY recommend them)...where was I? Oh yeah, this baby came out dancing and ready to fruit the second its feet hit our soil.

What a neat thing to day you are standing there staring proudly at this stick on the ground while people look at you with a Baker-Acting grin...and you feel the need to help them understand The Vision of what this tree will be in a few years' time...and the next day you are staring at its leaves and flowers literally burst out of that bare stick. Unreal.

I've also planted a gorgeous dwarf mulberry tree (Geraldi) and that one is coming along beautifully as well.

In other news, I am sitting in front of a massive pile of neat stuff and books that I have been saving and mentally filing under the "This would be so cool to share in the blog" tab...but...I have been darn busy and there is still so much to hurry up and do in the garden...*sigh*...more raised beds to be built, a trellis is needed ASAP for the muscadine grapes & the kiwi vines, we need to trim the Jacaranda tree, and get rid of four squalid sickly looking oaks to give more sun to our veg garden & be able to plant more edibles...Tree huggers: we have many more oaks in the garden and the ones we are getting rid of are not in the best of shape, which is reason for concern in Hurricane & Tornado Town.

So there is my pathetic excuse on why I have been slacking post wise and instead I have been posting anorexic pictorials in the hopes that you'll still have faith in me and my desire to share my learnings. I shall be back with a vengeance as soon as it rains or I catch a cold (or some other maladies)...the only two things that could keep me off the garden work list.
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