Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is really, really, really here

This morning, just as the sun was waking up, I was doing my thing out there...checking for bugs, cutting infected leaves and pondering on how beautifully redneckish this old trailer behind our home looked, with the sun rays shining on its carcass just so, and the gorgeous red flowering vine framing the view...

...when all of a sudden I got startled by a small flock of ducks flying Top Gun style, right over my head. They landed on my neighboors' lawn and the fight that seemed to have been taking place on flight continued on land.

I did not realize until I downloaded the photos that it was not a fight! It was luv.

(they do seem to have a slight smile, don't they?)

After the entire "fight" took place. Five seconds tops (hold the jokes fellas). They all did this little syncronized ducky dance.

First they faced me.

Then they decided there was something definitely wrong with the camera psycho.

So they turned, as if to say Kiss Our Tails You Sick Person You, offered me their best behind view and flew off.

And they lived happily ever after.


Kara said...

Awww! Your ducks are so cute!

Gardening Fool said...

They are, aren't they?

Sometimes I wish I had a pond right by our house...but then again, I hear ducks can be quite destructive on it is nice to have them come for short exciting visits and then see them take off...with no harm done to plants.