Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stolen Loquats!!!

Well, not really stolen, I asked permission...and in the process I met some of the nicest people I have ever met in my hood (and that is a lot for me to say as I am a horrible human being and normally I don't find people in my area very likable. There. It's out.).

I am not saying this because they fed me delicious fruit, they truly were sweet people and I am looking forward to showering them with garden greens and tomatoes very soon!

Things continue to be hectic, hectic, hectic...but I did set aside time tomorrow to write a whole bunch and post tons of pics I shot in the last week while I was breaking my back working out there, planting and transplanting, etc.

Also, I am furious about a certain gardening personality here in Central Florida who had the nerve to highly recommend recycled tire mulch...and I have to wonder, does he live in a Tupperware??? I mean, I am all for recycling but there are smarter ways to recycle tires, like, say...the way my hippie uncle in Chile used to make us kids summer sandals with old pieces of leather and soles made of old tires...that was pretty cool...but to have its chemicals leach into OUR soil to end up in OUR waterways? That's a bit much...anyhow, the scientific explanation of why that is definitely an irresponsible & ignorant move coming up tomorrow along with free organic ways to mulch things up in a healthy manner.

Question what you read. Question what you read here. Do your research, get info from unbiased sources as much as you can...look at who advertises in the sites where you get your info from. Look into the financial ties of those who help guide you in your garden (or in your life for that matter)...and finally, in all things, use common sense...not trying to tell you what to do, only how to do it .


I am all fired up...but duty calls and I must go get stuff done. In the meantime, I leave you with birdie pics taken in the last few days...See you tomorrow!

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