Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuff planted on, yes, Friday the 13th

This is mostly for my own records really, but if you want to read it knock yourself out! ☺

This season's second batch of tomatoes is a couple of weeks later than recommended...oh well...

Most veg and herb seeds are organic and/or heirloom seeds from the wonderful folks at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Scattered a bunch of wild flowers randomly all over the place.
Scattered handfull of milkweed seeds.
Scattered Spider Flower
Scattered Black Eyed Susans

Scattered a bunch of Pigeon Peas to naturally increase our soil's nitrogen and help aerate the soil.

Flowers planted in cells
Candle Bush Cassia
Moonflower, Giant White
Butterfly Vine
Black-Eyed Susan vine, Bright Eyes cultivar
Morning Glory Vine, Milky Way cultivar
Tithonia, Mexican Sunflower
Gold Yarrow
Bahama Cassia
Cardinal Flower
Verbena Bonariensis
Sunflower Big N Plenty
Sunflower Yellow Disk
Maximilian Sunflower (beautiful perennial sunflower)
Hollyhock, Old Fashioned Single Bloom

Veg planted in cells
India Lettuce
Lettuce Seet Valentine
Tomato Illini Gold
Tomato Lollipop
Tomato White Currant
Tomato Cherry Riesentraube
Tomato Mini Orange
Tomato, Potato Top
Tomato Orange King
Frying Pepper, Perfection
Bell Pepper, Sweet Chocolate
Sweet Bell Pepper, Kevin's Early Orange
Sweet Bell Pepper, Marconi
Eggplant, Rosita
Chioggia Beets
Cucumber, Richmond Green Apple
Picling Cucumber, Lemon
Summer Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck
Summer Squash, Golden Bush Scallop
Summer Squash, Benning's Green Tint
Florence Fennel
Orach, Magenta Magic
Collards, Variegated
Edible Leaf Rudbeckia (R. Lacinata)
Arugula (I know, late, but last year it did really well in mostly shade, so there ☺)
Marjoram, Sweet

A couple of blood orange seeds, just to see what comes out of it.

Note to self: Do not order seeds from Seeds of Change again. Great stuff but their seed packs are the most beautiful and most useless thing I have ever laid hands on. All seeds get stuck inside the package and they are nearly impossible to take out due to what seems to be static or some kind of black magic stuff. Don't quote me on the latter. The Seeds of Change folks are wonderful but they are not there when I am bi**ching about my inability to free the seeds. Ugh.

Photos tomorrow...

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