Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black Racers (I think...)

One can only hope that these are black racers, not that they cannot bite...but at least they are not venomous.

For the last two weeks or so these guys have taken up residence in the front garden. All six of them. Yup...hubby and I stood by the kitchen window staring at them, jaws down by our socks...I don't dislike snakes, they are actually good for the garden (not too sure about how good they are for the gardener's nerves...) they eat vermin and I hope they have many more redeeming qualities because we have a lot of them. For me is the element of surprise I can't seem to make peace know, there you are walking around, looking up at the many butterflies or reaching up for a fruit and all of a sudden you feel this creepy cold slimy thing by your ankles...yeah, I am definitely having a hard time making peace with that scenario. I am wondering if they would let me just put a bell on their necks...

Anyhow, we counted six, but by the looks of this photo, we should expect several more. Lord help us.

On the brighter side, I get to paint a sign that will stand at the entry of our garden and will read "Please watch for snakes." Since I am the biggest anti-social this planet has ever seen, this will give me some peace and quiet, if ever temporarily :-)
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