Saturday, April 18, 2009

Build it and they'll come!

Well, in this case that was not the exact order...they first came...after honey mooning in our garden a month ago (some explicit photos of their honey moon somehow were illicitly posted in this blog a while back) he said to his sweetheart, "Say, remember that lovely place I took you to for our honeymoon? What do you say we move there?" Apparently she nodded yes, and ever since they have taken up residence in our humble abode.

While I was watering this morning I noticed the lady duck was chasing the water and showering under it, so I grabbed a large container from the garage filled it up with water...and the ducks seem to have liked it. Life is now swimmingly great for this pair.

As long as they don't eat all the fruit, I can definitely enlist their services to eat snails, Japanese beetles, and other unwelcome their poop is great fertilizer...NPK of fresh duck stuff is 1.12, 1.44, 0.49 if you care to, mild and fairly balanced.
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