Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy bee

I was going to post stuff yesterday but my plans were derailed when I unexpectedly became the recipient of several seedlings (peach, limequat, loquat), flowers (Angel's trumpet), and cuttings (pear). This happened after what was supposedto be a routine quick visit to MaryJo's garden to trade seeds and cuttings turned me into a person enjoying being in the moment like it was nobody's business. See, I'd never been to her garden before, and after visiting, I am still trying to bring my jaw up from right next to my ankles.

She has The Most Beautiful Garden I've ever, ever, ever seen. But I won't talk anymore about that bewitching place until I can go back camera in hand to somehow try and capture its magic. It was lovely being able to do the garden-speak thing with someone who's been at it for decades (none of my close friends are gardeners). We just walked through the meandering paths under a chubby rain, neither of us caring about our hair or the dirt under our nails. Amazing.

But I digress, back to my excuses...bottom line is that I spent way more time at her place than I had allotted for (she actually had to give me a kind push out of her garden), then the plans I had for after that got changed as well because I had to replant all those goodies right away. So the night caught me planting and transplanting. I'll give the real posting another try tomorrow night.
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Darla said...

But, what a wonderful reason that you couldn't post. I love meandering through gardens as well. Great that you came away with some new additions.

Gardening Fool said...

I only hope the future photos do it justice!