Friday, May 1, 2009

Note to Self

Planted today
◙ Oca 3 colors
◙ More purple Peruvian potatoes
◙ Pigeon pea seeds scattered around garden to aid soil aeration & nitrogen enrichment
◙ Lupine (sunrise) seeds-2 packets- along walkway
◙ Heirloom watermelon radish scattered seeds in raised bed between slower growing fennel bulbs

Transplanted or re-potted
◙ Too many heirloom tomatoes to count
◙ All the varieties of sweet peppers
◙ Several cucumber varieties
◙ Some morning glory & white black eyed Susan vines to give away to friends

◙ Turned compost pile

◙ Cherry tomatoes
◙ Walking onion
◙ Lima beans
◙ Chervil
◙ Okinawa Spinach
◙ New Zealand Spinach
◙ Katuk
◙ Yukon gold potatoes
◙ Mulberries
◙ Sweet Valentine lettuce
◙ Green onions
◙ Swiss chard-rainbow
◙ Parsley & Dill & Greek Oregano


Darla said...

At least you are smart enough to leave yourself note!!

Gardening Fool said...

:-) The "notes to self" are titled like that because they are merely for me to keep track of how the garden is doing and when I planted what...when I want to do an un-scientific trend analysis those silly notes become pretty valuable.

If you look at the "label" title at the bottom of the post it reads "planted today" that also helps me know how long any given plant takes to germinate in my garden's microclimate.

The entire post is titled "note to self" because it is a posting that isn't likely to be of great interest to anyone else but me...☺

Have a wonderful week end!