Wednesday, May 6, 2009

♪You say tomato ♫ I say...PESTICIDE?!?!

I know I have not posted pics as of late yadda yadda yadda...but this is important.

I got my Vegetarian Times magazine today and I found important info I thought I'd share (from an article written by Rachel Dowd).

Turns out that those innocent looking Santa Sweets tomatoes and the Ugly Ripe heirlooms we find in our Florida, New Jersey and North Carolina stores might not be so innocent after all.

Ag-Mart Produce is their grower and they have a history of fines and misbehavior:

"The North Carolina Pesticide Board levied a fine against Ag-Mart in March; Florida's Department of Agriculture fined it in 2005." They "flouted regulations by, for example, harvesting crops within days after treatment with pesticides--in violation of mandatory waiting periods ensuring that consumers aren't exposed to harmful residues."

"In January, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection slapped an unprecedented $931,250 fine on the company. Abuses date back to 2005 and include sabotaging inspections and losing track of 2.5 gallons of Monitor, a toxic insecticide. Calling out Ag-Mart for its "stunning disregard" of workers , consumers, and the environment, NJDEP Acting Commissioner Mark N. Mauriello said, "We have imposed a record-high penalty not only to hold Ag-Mart accountable for their failure, but to make sure it doesn't happen again."

I say good for you Mr Mauriello.

So when planning your shopping, make your list & check it twice...and make sure these tomatoes are not in it! Or even better, buy at a farmers market or grow your own!

PS: even if you are not a vegetarian (I am not) this magazine is worth getting...good info and great recipes.

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