Friday, June 26, 2009

Almost done with this little sidewalk area

Last week I finished plucking the last of the grass of this part of our garden.

It is hard to see the individual plants as some of them are but a few weeks old. I am posting this photo so that I can do a "before & after" thingy by this time next year.

We have:

* 3 types of blackberries
* 3 pigeon pea bushes
* rain lillies
* blanket flower
* butterfly flower
* edible elephant ear plants (thanks Dan!!!)
* Elderberry bushes (thanks again Dan!!)
* and a couple of other flowering things which names escape me at this moment

The reasoning behind planting the blackberries in this island is that they can spread their runners to their heart's content there. I even checked with my neighbor and she said she would not mind if some popped their heads in her side (which is the grass you see in the photo).

The pigeon pea bushes are there to help naturally fix good quality nitrogen in the soil. Eventually all but one might be cut out. The decomposing roots will also help add good bacteria in the soil. Yum!
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