Sunday, June 28, 2009

By golly I cannot remember this radish's name!

I harvested the first radishes of this summer for yesterday's dinner. What a cool surprise when I cut them open! Very neat colors and the taste was milder than the standard radishes I have had before.

I will look up the name and post it here soon.

The heart-shaped leaves popping out of the white bowl in the foreground are sweet potato new shoots. In case you did not know, I'll say it again (can you say ad nauseum?) these are some of the tastiest greens ever! I like them slightly wilted. My favorite is to julienne a bunch of leaves and add them at the last minute to a stew or scrambled eggs. So good!

I generally cut a stem with quite a few leaves and I save the top two sets of leaves and put them in water to root again, just like I do with my herbs. Then I place them in a large pot and, voila! (too lazy to look for the accent) more free sweet potatoes. You can grow these even if you have a sunny balcony or patio where you can put a large pot with soil. They don't have to be in the ground.

I think the reason why these greens are seldom sold anywhere is that they wilt almost the moment you cut them off. That's why I keep mine in water right until cooking time.
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