Monday, June 8, 2009

How to propagate a Jacaranda tree

1. Get mad at how tall your existing Jacaranda is growing.

2. Mindlessly cut branches.

3. Put them aside in the garden's junk drawer.

4. Forget about them for a couple of weeks.

5. Check on the branches & voila! You have new trees!

Seriously, it is almost scary how easily some of these plants grow. I am still on the fence about whether to keep this one or not. For the one thing it is beautiful when in flower with luscious clusters of lilac flowers...but this one has never bloomed for us.

Also, they are fast growers...and you know most fast growing trees don't have the best hardware under the soil, that means that these guys are very prone to being destroyed during a hurricane. Or worse, they are likely to fly madly and smash something else.
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Cruz's Chronicles said...

Hi, your post about propagating a jacaranda is interesting to me. Can you clarify one thing? What do you mean by a gardeners junk drawer? Do you mean a real drawer, you didn't have them in any soil?
Thanks for your reply.

Gardening Fool said...

Hi there,
The reference to the "garden's junk drawer" was a know how most mortals have at least one junk drawer in their houses? Well, many gardeners, I find, have a semi-hidden spot where they place their not so loved plants, or sick plants and such.

So I stuck two random branches from my Jacaranda in a pot in an area of the garden that needs much attention and then I forgot about it. When I went to get something else, days later, I realized they had rooted and where growing happily in the pot.

Hope that clarifies it :0)

If you live in an area prone to have strong winds I'd be careful with planting this tree. I am currently trying to convince my husband to let me get this tree off our garden (we are in hurricane-land).

Good luck with yours & thanks for visiting!