Monday, June 29, 2009

One too many (Gardening) Fools

I was not at all original on my blog naming process when I first started this blog.

The other day, just for kicks, I Googled "GardeningFool" and turns out there are just too many of us.

There are other Fools in Daves' Garden, Garden Web, blogs with similar names that I did not know about at the time I started mine...and now the worse insult to my Foolness: there is a GardeningFool in some Dr. Phil's website. And if there's anyone I dislike almost as much as Oprah, that is Dr. Phil and his cheap pseudo-psychology (I am no genius, but having a psychology degree gives me some idea of what a real psychological treatment looks like and that isn't it). I know, I know, a lot of people like him, and I am sure he's helped millions...but me, I just can't stand the man.

So that was the last drop. I don't want for my blog's name to be confused with any other Fools out there (particularly one that would associate with folks I dislike), so I'll leave the identity and the name to them.

In the coming days I will be changing this here blog's name.

So if you come back, even after learning of my dislike for all things Oprah and Dr. Phil, don't let the new name at the top of the blog confuse you, it is still me (Foolish as ever). I will try to keep the format and colors the same for the transition to be as smooth as possible.


GreenJeans said...

Gurrrrl!!! Just the other day, I googled "gardeningfool" so I could get to your blog... I'm too dang lazy to save it in favorites, how pathetic is that... and I ended up on a different blog that, well, wasn't yours. But I didn't know that at first and I thought you had lost it!! But it was just me...

Gardening Fool said...



Off with your head!!!!

Hehe. Actually the other fool blogs I've seen are quite nice. But still, Dr. Phil???? Come ooooon! ☺

GreenJeans said...


Yeah, the Dr. Phil thing is bad.

The blogspot blog I mistakenly ran across had a 'the' in front of gardeningfool. No pics and weird text that isn't scrollable. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone there for a minute.

Gardening Fool said...

I said off with your head woman!