Monday, June 8, 2009

The only reason I grow Oleanders

Oleanders are not anywhere close to being in my list of favorite plants.

The main reason I grow them is because they are the host for the oleander wasp. These, I find, are beautiful and unlike their cousins, they don't sting. They are also called polka dot wasps.

I was on my way out for a run and had to make good use of my running shoes by sprinting into the house for the camera. Right after this I thought I had seen the hummer pass by my I did a little hunting and he was drinking so close to me all I could do was try to pick my jaw from my muddy shoes. The moment took my breath away, and even though I was camera in hand, all I wanted to do was take it in. Next time I'll take some shots and share, I promise.
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Darla said...

Cool looking wasp! All of your flower photos are beautiful, love the Four O'clock!

Gardening Fool said...

Thanks D!