Friday, June 5, 2009

Planted & Transplanted today

This is a note pretty much just relevant to me.

Rain & clouds predicted for the next five days or so allowed me to plant these in their permanent homes:

* Purple hibiscus althea by veg garden's entry.
* Lemon grass in front garden.
* Chilean guava x2 in front garden.
* Feijoa (pineapple guava) x2 in front garden (afternoon shade).
* Transplanted Greek columnar basil, now three feet high (super easy to transplant).

* Cut back oleander to allow more sunlight for the white sapote & the muscadine grapevines.

* Positioned all plants surrounding compost area for planting next week (hydrangeas x3, snow globe viburnum, white azalea).

* Transplanted Suriname Cherry (to the person who sent me a one liner saying "Rip them out, they are invasive," save yourself the trouble, these are invasive further down South, not in Central Florida).

This coming week:

*Make room for Goji berry shrubs (transplant ornamentals in front)

* Plant green onions.
* Plant all rain lilly bulbs.

* Plant all rooted cuttings in pots.
* Plant flowering shrubs by compost area.
* Plant laurel trees x2.
* Build wire support for grape & kiwi vines support.
* Place ant baits all over the place.
* Plant mint still waiting in blue pot.
* Plant all succulents by sitting area.
* Put up bird houses x3 by front structure.

Back garden:
* Plant white candles plant in back garden.
* Cut back sea grape.
* Plant sky vine.

*Plant Dutchman's Pipe vine

*Move Aralia to compost area.

*Move bleeding heart seedlings to veg garden fence.

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Darla said...

A gardener's list is endless!

Lisa said...

beautiful photo

Gardening Fool said...

Awww...thanks Lisa! That's the North side of our little home, nice and cool.

Gardening Fool said...

Indeed, Darla!